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Femmes de mystére

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As the nights grow longer,
we bid adieu to the sweetness of asummer day. The crowns of the trees in the city turn red, giving a sense of a city on fire. We see women dressed in feathery furs, their beauty now hidden, creating a sense of something evoked, provoking a desire of a mystery sought.

The streets of Montmartre, filled with passion, music and art. A promise of a better time whispered by the air. So passionate yet sentimental, swayed with chanson and filled with memory of sweet perfume. A sweetness desired, but not yet found.

A sweetness that lies in the decadent rooms of Cabarets. A sweetness that belongs to the enticing creatures of the underworld. Unearthing a world long forgotten, but one lustily sought, we see women, each their own. No longer hidden in furs, but blooming in dresses of feathers, lace and gems. Their sweetness is intoxicating, each one evoking
a different memory and emotion.

One carrying the scent of a wild rose, another that of a blossoming meadow and one of a moonlit forrest. Each their own, each harbouring their own story, their own mystery. A mystery we long to reveal, but never can.
Can we?

Each their own, each
harbouring their own story,
their own mystery.

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Fleurs de belle époque

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On the rue de Seine a woman walks with a fresh glow of spring on her cheeks. A subtle smile forms on her lips and her eyes sparkle with new found romance. She wears a light silk dress, that wraps around her like
the petals of a flower.

Deep in thought she finds herself in the middle of a flower market. The scentof freshly picked flowers is intoxicating. As she looks around, she finds herself alone. Feeling as though she had immersed herself in the depths of a forbidden love affair. A love affair with Paris, the spring and its flowers.

A fresh spring wind blows bringing with it a promise of lovely summer nights, new possibilities and perhaps a memory lost. As the wind picks up the flowers, they begin to dance around her with the utmost grace. The spring is asking her to dance, to waltz, to celebrate the exhilarating possibilities to come.

Fleurs de Belle Époque is a collection seeking to tell a story. A story of fresh blooming beauty and a long lost era, a time when music, art and poetry prospered. A time when both women and flowers flourished. Of romance and love. Celebrating the beauty of an ephemeral moment, one that will however live forever in our minds.


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